For ELLIPSE PROJECTS, good environmental management is a priority and it is taken into account from the moment of planning its activities. An Investment in the use of the latest technologies of eco-efficiency and reduction of environmental impacts is basic to comply with the expectations of our customers and the society in general.

  • Together with the cooperation of its workers, ELLIPSE PROJECTS wants to implement an Environmental Management Plan whose main objectives are:
  • To know and assess the environmental impacts generated by activities at work sites.
  • To know the requirements in relation with the environment, which are applied to each type of work.
  • To establish the basis to take timely environmental control decisions.
  • To dimension the appropriate resources to ensure compliance of compulsory environmental specifications, applying the best technologies available and economically feasible.
  • Management for environmental training.
  • Management of contingencies to provide for possible emergency situations.
  • To promote good environmental practices at our offices.