ELLIPSE PROJECTS invests on social welfare in all the countries where it operates. Our approach is centered on the quality of life of people, social development and environmental improvement in local communities. At ELLIPSE PROJECTS, we are proud of the positive effects that our projects have on society.

Faithful to our vision of improving the quality of life of the society, we create a corporate culture based on nine major goals, which are developed in the corresponding specific policies of social responsibility:

1. To respect the legal regulations in effect in the countries where we operate, adopting international standards in a supplementary way, such as ILO Conventions where there is no legislation, which will guarantee the application of our principles and values.

2. To adopt corporate government practices aligned with the recommendations of a good government internationally recognized, based on transparency and mutual trust with stockholders and investors.

3. To support the development of policies and procedures for labor relationships management based on the equality of opportunities, no discrimination and respect for diversity, in line with ELLIPSE PROJECTS Employees Handbook. Besides that, to provide a healthy and safe work environment to our collaborators.

4. To respect human rights and labor rights, as stated in Eurofinsa Code of Conduct.

5. To establish honest and clear relationships with our vendors, based on the Eurofinsa Vendor Code of Conduct promoting an improvement of their capacities and of their quality and service level. Besides that, we commit to transmit our social responsibility and environmental policies along the chain of value, to foster its multiplying effect and the positive impact of our operations by means of a selection and recruitment process where responsible management is first.

6. To promote a culture of respect for the environment and biodiversity, minimizing the environmental impact of our activities in all the phases of our projects.

7. To reject corruption, whatever its form, by not allowing the Group and its collaborators to obtain illegal advantage by not respecting the rules of transparency and free competition.

8. To enhance dialogue with the different stakeholders to achieve a happy balance between our business objectives and social expectations, by means of responsible and transparent management with the local communities and the rest of the groups related with our activities, through the application of the Social Management Plan of the Group.

9. To provide true and significant information on the main activities carried out, submitting them to internal and third-parties verification processes which guarantee their reliability.