Human Resources

ELLIPSE PROJECTS is aware that its human team is one of the most important resources and without them; ELLIPSE PROJECTS will not be able to comply with its strategic objectives. Therefore, it is essential to have a selection, recruiting and talent retention process, which will enable us to have the best professional.

We are committed with compliance of the best human resources management practices, we reject any discriminatory action and we train our selection personnel to apply these principals to all actions. We apply selection criteria and promotion objectives based on merit, knowledge and capacity; guaranteeing fair treatment during all the process.

We do no establish salary differences based on sex and we promote measures, which will support our cooperators to reconcile labor and family life. We promote hiring of handicapped workers and eliminate any type of architectonical barriers, which might prevent their work development.


ELLIPSE PROJECTS assumes as a strategic objective, the importance of optimizing quality and cost of equipment, materials and services; in keeping with the requirements defined by vendors and to establish long-term relationships.

The vendor selection processes adapt to the Selection and Hiring Procedure, which defines objective criteria to prevent any interest conflict arising during selection.

In this sense, ELLIPSE PROJECTS wants to work with its vendors towards the creation of shared value having in mind the following action principles:

To establish transparent business relations compatible with the profitability purposes of projects and the expectations of our vendors.
To optimize the costs of the products and services, to be hired, to be able and to comply with the commitments with our shareholders and customers.
To support compliance of the conditions established with the vendors according to hiring regulations and conditions in effect, in special as regards labor, occupational health and safety conditions, respect for the environment and the communities in the development of their activities.
To support the long-term relationship policy based on improvement of our customer service and mutual benefit, promoting training, the optimization of resources and ongoing improvement of our processes.
To promote on going communication channels within the group, so that each management involved in the purchasing process knows and agrees to internal regulations to prevent any irregular act.
To promote in our vendors the best social responsibility and environmental practices.

Health and Safety

To ELLIPSE PROJECTS, to provide a healthy and safe work environment to all their collaborators is first. To do so, we count with a Health and Safety Handbook at the Work Site and we never compromise with some principles, which shall rule all our activities:

  1. To carry out all our operations in a safe and responsible way, in compliance of all legislation in effect as regards occupational health and safety.
  2. To consult, inform and train workers about all the health and safety aspects at the worksite, which look after their protection.
  3. To constitute the Occupational Health and Safety Committee and appoint the Health and Safety Supervisor. To facilitate and promote his work as a basic boy to prevent labor risks, the ongoing improvement of risk control processes and communication with our collaborators in the subject matter.
  4. To identify risks, which might affect in any way the health and safety of workers and vendors who develop their activities at our work centers.
  5. To assess and control the associated risks to our activities, to provide the necessary training to perform the work position.
  6. To measure periodically the development of the safety standards established, looking for an ongoing improvement of the occupational health and safety management system, and its integration to other systems, following the guidelines stated in corporate procedures.
  7. To investigate all occupational accidents, incidents and disease and to apply the corresponding corrective and preventive measures.
  8. To support compliance of the conditions set up with the vendors for the development of their activities, according to the contractual regulations and conditions in effect, in special as regards labor, occupational health and safety conditions, respect for the environment and the communities.
  9. To promote a culture of prevention among all our collaborators.