Photo: Bekwai hospital

Rehabilitation and supply of medical equipment for Bekwai Hospital
(120 beds)

The Ghanaian Ministry of Health launched the construction of a regional hospital in Bekwai in 2010. Due to a lack of funds it could not be completed.

Ellipse Projects structured funding to a total of 23 million euros to enable the Ministry of Health to restart work on completion of this hospital.

Ellipse Projects signed the corresponding contract at the end of 2018 for the rehabilitation of the existing construction, the completion of the works and the supply of medical equipment. The hospital, with a capacity of 120 beds, will offer first aid, gynecology & obstetrics, pediatrics, surgery and others.

The hospital was delivered in early 2021.

Photo: operating theater

Photo: dental area

Photo : CT scanner

Photo: inspection of the new hospital facilities by the members of the Bekwai Traditional Council (November 7- 2020)