We are revolutionizing the design, construction and operation of infrastructure with BIM

The Ellipse Projects design teams use innovative tools of reference such as the BIM (Building Information Modelling) to bring a creative and collaborative approach to the construction process. BIM relies on innovative technologies (3D, virtual reality, augmented reality, 5D).

BIM makes it possible to visualize every aspect of a project before construction begins.

Widely integrated by the suppliers of Ellipse Projects – architects, engineering offices (for the design) and contractors (for the construction) – the 3D digital model BIM is a fast, effective and simplified collaboration tool.

BIM facilitates and streamlines the various stages of infrastructure construction.

For each project they take on, Ellipse Projects teams use virtual design and building information modelling.

BIM ensures that functionality is respected, as well as quality standards and deadlines. It also facilitates the operation and maintenance phases.