Connected buildings

Ellipse Projects has become a principal reference in the construction of large-scale turnkey infrastructure buildings – in both the public and private sectors. Ellipse Projects has done this by combining technical know-how, understanding and anticipation of the development issues in multiple geographic zones where the company intervenes.

Beyond the construction of infrastructures of traditional private and public services, Ellipse Projects has adopted and is developing “intelligent infrastructures”. These turnkey projects integrate the technology of Artificial Intelligence, advanced construction techniques and building services equipment. Building Information. Buldings designed like this are no longer simple construction – they are transformed into evolving structures that are enriched with the passing of time.

The connected buildings market is growing rapidly because these buildings offer many advantages – such as being able to predict their energy performance ; to anticipate equipment maintenance requirements; react in real time to breakdowns and to predict future operating costs. This is the main reason why Ellipse Projects uses the BIM (Building Information Modeling) in all its projects, a digital virtual model allowing to model buildings and their functionality. Thanks to this virtual modeling, the connected buildings can be designed and optimized upstream, with gains in terms of construction time and materials consumed.

Connected buildings allow savings in their construction and operating costs, improvements in user comfort and therefore in their attractiveness. But also a significant reduction of the environmental impact.

Our areas of expertise include:

  • Sports centers
  • Administrative buildings