We help emerging countries imagine the world of tomorrow

Ellipse Projects is a key player in the financing, design and implementation of large infrastructure projects.

With strong multi-sector expertise in the health, digital and connected buildings, the company provides turnkey projects in emerging countries and also excels in the provision of public services.

The teams of Ellipse Projects act mainly in Africa and in Southeast Asia, thanks to their sharp and up to date knowledge of the regional stakes. The company has, on these two continents, a recognised experience within the main public and private actors.

Their expertise and their know-how enables the teams of Ellipse Projects to take the responsibility for infrastructure projects, from the structuring of its financing through the conception to the delivery of the project.

From its head office in France, Ellipse Projects relies on its network of subsidiaries and local branches (London, Brussels, Dakar, Abidjan, Ouagadougou, Accra, Yaoundé, Nairobi, Singapore, Jakarta and Colombo) to manage the projects, the main actors and our local partners with a strong local presence. Ellipse Projects has a proven and undeniable strength to positively intervene in an agile manner in several regions of the world.

Ellipse Projects operates with a responsible approach to the social and environmental factors at all levels of its activities. A strong and uncompromising commitment in favour of the common good which is based on the adhesion of all the collaborators of the company, aligning well with that of its customers and its financial and industrial partners.