Sustainability, a key commitment for Ellipse Projects

Global approach

Our social and environmental commitment lies both in the nature of the projects we undertake and in the sustainable way in which we operate.

Social and environmental management

Rigorous monitoring of the environmental and social impacts of all our projects

Nos engagements Ellipse

Hospitals, data centres, courthouses... The infrastructure installed by Ellipse Projects is helping countries to develop, notably by improving people’s quality of life and helping to create jobs.

Certified ISO 14001 since 2015, we ensure that each project is covered by rigorous environmental and social checks. Under the responsibility of our team in London and Paris, this work is carried out in the field by our network of consultants and local partners at every stage in the project life cycle.

Sustainable Development Goals

Facing today’s challenges, we are committed to tomorrow

Attentive to global issues, Ellipse Projects' actions respect and promote international and sectoral commitments.
We act in line with the priorities defined by the United Nations to achieve a better, more sustainable future for all, through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
The projects we undertake thus contribute directly to the achievement of several of the SDGs.

Code of conduct

A code of conduct that reflects our values

Ellipse projects adopted a Code of Conduct to guarantee the quality of its operations at every stage of a project.
Respecting the law, people, the environment, ethical rules and the fight against corruption, the Code of Conduct text, which is signed by all our employees and partners, sets out precisely how projects are carried out.

International standards

Our action respects of the
most demanding
international norms

In the conduct of its projects, Ellipse Projects is committed to scrupulously respecting all national and international laws and regulations, systematically complying with the strictest regulations.

The Equator Principles

The Equator Principles are a set of provisions adopted by financial institutions to promote the sustainability and environmental and social performance of projects.

OECD guidelines

The OECD Guidelines promote
responsible and sustainable business practices worldwide.

IFC performance standards

The International Finance Corporation (IFC) Performance Standards provide a framework for managing
environmental and social risks in corporate development projects.

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