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Ellipse Projects is a French company specialising in the construction of healthcare and digital infrastructure. Our teams take charge of every stage of the project, from financing to equipment maintenance.

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Our areas of expertise

The wellbeing of a region’s inhabitants, like its development in general, is directly linked to the quality of its healthcare facilities. This requires high-performance infrastructures that is carefully adapted to meet local needs and constraints. With their in-depth knowledge of these aspects, our teams deliver turnkey, tailormade medical facilities that meet the highest international standards.

As keys to the digital transformation already under way, very high-speed networks and data centres are essential for a country’s economic development and ability to innovate. Complex and constantly evolving, such infrastructure requires experienced professionals with proven technical expertise. This is precisely the approach taken by Ellipse Projects in its design of state-of-the-art ICT sites in Africa and Asia.

Ellipse Projects uses artificial intelligence (AI) and innovative construction techniques to provide its customers with turnkey ‘smart infrastructure’. This leads to buildings being created as dynamic service hubs that are both practical and forward-looking, and designed to be further developed and enhanced over time.

Tangible achievements for communities

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A commitment to sustainability

Through its activities, Ellipse Projects plays an active part in the development of the countries where it operates and helps to improve the living conditions of the people who live there. At a time when our world is facing major environmental and social challenges, the way in which these projects are delivered is crucial. Our teams ensure compliance with the most demanding international standards, covering areas such as the monitoring of environmental and social impacts, natural resource management, and waste treatment.

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Support for the artistic creation

Since 2020, our endowment fund has been supporting contemporary artists in countries where we operate. As a non-profit organisation, ellipse art projects (EAP) works to encourage the exchange of ideas through art and to promote the mobility of artists. Acting as a bridge between different cultures, EAP is a driver of societal change that complements our company’s main activities.